Nuclear Pool

Belarusian Nuclear Insurance Pool (hereinafter – BNIP) was established in 2009. The participants of the pool were seven major companies, which were state companies and those with state participation of more than 50%:

  • Belgosstrakh –– Leading Insurer
  • Eximgarant of Belarus
  • TASK
  • Belkoopstrakh
  • Belneftestrakh
  • Promtransinvest
  • Belarus Re – Leading Reinsurer

Due to regulatory changes, the structure of BNIP was altered on 27 February 2019. According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 15 dated January 14, 2019 “On liability for nuclear damage”, the following state-owned companies are members of BNIP:

  • Belgosstrakh – Leading Insurer (;
  • Beleximgarant – (
  • RUE “Belarusian National Reinsurance Organization” is a leading reinsured / leading reinsurer (


BNIP was created to organize the system of insurance/ reinsurance of property interests of Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarusian NPP” and to ensure its functioning, as well as to accept risks for reinsurance from foreign nuclear insurance pools.


More detailed information on the activities of BNIP can be found on the website

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