Minimum Requirements for Health Insurance

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus approved (Resolution No. 11 as of 22 March 2019) the Instruction of Minimum (Standard) Requirements to Voluntary Health Insurance. This document contains definitions for an object insured and events insured as per voluntary insurance.  As specified, Voluntary Health Insurance Contract shall cover any events insured that occurred within the Republic of Belarus, for any events that took place outside the country the following special conditions shall apply:

  • an insurance company shall have a contract with health care organizations located in a country visited by an insured party, an insured party shall have a contract for medical care or a contract with a foreign party who shall guarantee to pay expenses and provide their own service centers with their names and locations to be attached. An effective period of a voluntary insurance contract shall depend on a term stipulated by Voluntary Insurance Rules, which can be a month and more. An Insurer shall pay an indemnity to a Beneficiary up to the sum insured within five (5) business days from a date of a claim report made by the Insurer. To draw up a report the following documents under Voluntary Insurance Rules shall be provided, including cost of expenses, total amount of expenses for medical aids with detailed medical services. The Insurer shall draw up such claim report within ten (10) business days upon the receipt of all the required documents. This Resolution shall enter into force upon its official publication.

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