Insurance premiums in Belarus increased to BYN 1 billion in January – September

For January – September 2019, the insurance companies of the Republic of Belarus received BYN 1030 m of insurance premiums under direct insurance and co-insurance. The growth of receipt for January – September 2019 against the same period last year made 113.7%.

For January – September 2019, insurance premiums under voluntary classes of business amounted to BYN 645.0 m, which is BYN 101m more against the same period in 2018.

Insurance premiums under compulsory classes of business amounted to BYN 385.8m, which is BYN23.2m more as compared with 2018.

The share of voluntary classes of business in the total amount of the insurance premiums is 62.6% (for 9 months of 2018 was 60%).

For January- September 2019, insurance indemnity payments and sums insured as a whole made BYN514.8m,  which is BYN 67.2m more than for the similar period of 2018. A proportion of insurance payments in the total sum of insurance premiums amounted to 49.9% (for January- September 2018 – 49.4%).

The insurance companies paid into the budget as well as to non-budget funds BYN93.3m (for January –September 2018 – 82.8m), where BYN49.3m – taxes and non-taxes payments into the budget; BYN 44m – payments into non-budget funds (for January-September 2018 – BYN40.1m and BYN42.7m respectively).

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