Insurance premiums in Belarus increased by 8% in January-August

Insurance premiums of Belarus insurance organizations for direct insurance and co-insurance in January-August amounted to Br697m and increased by 8% compared to January-August 2016, as the Ministry of Finance informed BelTA. Insurance premiums under voluntary types of insurance for eight months amounted to Br401.7m, which is Br50m more than in the same period last year. Insurance premiums under compulsory types of insurance amounted to Br295.3m, which is Br1.6m more than in January-August 2016. The share of voluntary types of insurance in the total amount of insurance premiums is 57.6% (for January-August 2016 – 54.5%). Payments of insurance indemnity and insurance coverage in the whole country totaled Br352.7m (by Br3.7m more) in January-August. A proportion of insurance payments in the total amount of insurance premiums was 50.6% (for January-August 2016 – 54.1%)

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