Government Willing to Extend Export Promotion for Small Businesses

The government is willing to extend budgetary support for exports for small enterprises. Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko told reporters about this today following a meeting with the head of state, as BELTA informs.

“For our economy, exporting is actually a condition to survive, because now, more than ever, everyone is fighting for markets. Therefore, export and sales are one of the main areas, on which we focus and adapt accordingly the export support system, primarily financial”, Roman Golovchenko said.

According to his version, now some proposals have been prepared to simplify both export crediting and export insurance. This is done so that as many business entities as possible can use the instruments of budgetary support for exports.

“Now we have set a fairly high threshold: you need to have a contract for at least $200,000 to qualify for export credits. But there are many enterprises that have smaller contracts, and they also deserve the state support in exports,” the head of the government underlined.

The Prime Minister presumes these documents to be approved in the near future, and then the state will be able to intensify financing the export of small businesses.

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