Designers’ liability insurance for documentation may be introduced in Belarus.

In Belarus, professional liability insurance for the developed project documentation is being worked out, the Minister of Architecture and Construction Dmitry Mikulenok told reporters, BelTA has learned. According to the minister, the work of designers causes a lot of fair complaints. “We are dealing with this topic. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a common language with insurance organizations. The most important question is “what do we insure? Or do we generally insure the activities of the design organization, or the specific designer, the object that is being designed. The figures depend on this” – he noted. The Ministry is of the opinion that it is necessary to insure the activities of the design organization as a whole. The insurance period may be two to three years. “We will conduct this through our documents, which certify design organizations as well. That is, if the organization claims to receive a certificate for objects of category II and I, which are serious from the point of view of construction, it should have an insurance policy in case of any mistakes” – explained Dmitry Mikulenok. A decision on this issue is expected to be made before the end of the year. “The topic is very serious. There are really a lot of complaints about design organizations, and fair ones,” the minister added.


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