Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Mikhail Orda about Insurance Arrangements for Healthcare Professionals

An insurance fund was created for the trade union of healthcare professionals. Financial help will amount from BYN600 to BYN 5,000 depending upon a degree of severity.

«A trade union insurance fund has been created today, and we are starting to pay financial compensation to those medical workers who were in direct contact with coronavirus patients and who themselves were affected by the disease. Medical workers are fulfilling their duty, and our sacred duty is to support them in this situation», Mikhail Orda said.

The President supported this action of the trade unions. According to the rules of the fund there is to be no bureaucracy or any delays. To receive any financial compensation, you should complete an application form of a medical institution trade union with a disability certificate attached».

The Chairman emphasized that the money will be transferred promptly without delay or any intermediaries.

«At the same time, we have created mutual benefit funds in all trade union organizations. Their operation is primarily aimed at trade union members who have a difficult financial situation due to the downtime of organizations, factories, enterprises. Today, it is necessary to help those who need it,” Mikhail Orda added.

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